Our mission

We believe God commands us, as Christians, to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Our mission is to bring Christ's story of love and redemption to the small West African country of Togo. By providing needed medical care to this animistic and poverty-stricken nation, we hope to be part of God's plan to win the Togolese to Himself.


Evangelistic opportunities come directly from the Hopital Baptiste Biblique (HBB). The Snook family will be able to help share the gospel with every patient seeking medical care. The hospital sees 2,200 inpatients, performs over 1,500 surgeries, and has at least 600 deliveries per year. In addition, the hospital staff also sees numerous patients in clinic and in evangelistic mobile medical units. Furthermore, many Togolese families help care for sick family members while they are in the hospital. We will be able to share the gospel with extended family members living temporarily on hospital grounds while ministering to their needs.

Medical Missions

Togo is severely impoverished, ranking the 6th poorest country in the world as of 2017. They are desperately in need of professional medical care. Brandon and Kate will be able to use their skills as a surgeon and nurse, respectively, to help the sick in Togo. Also, they will be able to help train Togolese people in programs such as the Hopital Baptiste Biblique Nursing Training school and Community Health Evangelism.

Church Planting

The Snook family envisions being part of church plants which are established from evangelistic and
hospital outreach. The HBB has a number of ministries in place which have led to new church plants, including Community Health Evangelism with a mobile health clinic. Togolese missionaries, a missionary doctor, PA, or NP and a missionary nurse travel into nearby villages to preach the gospel and attend to health needs. Relationships are established and churches are formed with new believers and led by Togolese pastors instructed at the ABWE